Ensemble Intelligence: Shaping the Future
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Our secure AI platform integrates custom
Large Language Models (LLMs), Machine Learning, domain-specific risk adjustment capabilities, and a proprietary visualization platform within a unique data ingestion and analysis architecture.

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Introducing Limni

Our generative AI system, LIMNI, delivers robust language model capabilities in a secure package optimized for personal computing environments. Unlike most cloud based generative AI systems, LIMNI is designed to work in the most secure environments and be trained on private data while operating inside of the regulatory and compliance environments required by most corporations and governments alike.

LIMNI runs locally on an individual’s laptop or inside of secured infrastructures without needing internet connectivity for model building or daily operations. This isolates the models and data, which protects user privacy by ensuring personal data never leaves their domain. Strict access control and encryption safeguard the sensitive information provided to the system, allowing LIMNI to meet the most stringent organizational requirements around IP protection and info security.

LIMNI can be utilized for a wide range of tasks, big and small. With its versatile functionality, it can be deployed at scale to solve many of today’s challenges and help you anticipate future opportunities.

LIMNI is available now in private BETA. Contact us for a consultation and demo.

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Introducing Kundi

As our ensemble AI system, KUNDI provides a secure automated data ingestion architecture that enables the normalization of data to process multiple data types. KUNDI’s initial analytics platform offers intelligent data analysis and evaluation for the most complex of problems.

Multiple distinct algorithms work together to always ensure the best analytics are applied to each unique problem. KUNDI’s platform will then provide summaries, reports, and recommendations based on its analysis, that will be displayed via its cutting-edge visualization platform. Multiple visualizations and text outputs deliver the best possible data-driven information to inform and augment human decision makers.

KUNDI equips people and businesses with the utility of advanced, sophisticated analytics to streamline the human decision-making process.

KUNDI is available now. Contact us for consultation and demo.

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Introducing Stellara

Complexity breeds risk and there are few places more complex than outer space. From space weather to cyberattacks to kinetic attacks, outages of space systems providing services to Earthlings are sure to experience disruption. But how do we know what will be affected by outages of any one satellite? Meet STELLARA. 

STELLARA is an ensemble AI-enabled risk and simulation tool that uses advanced analytics to determine what critical infrastructure will be impacted by the loss, temporary or permanent, of any satellite. The space economy drives enormous value for sectors from finance to agriculture to communications to national security. How resilient are these sectors against an imminent outage? Talk to STELLARA.

Discover the otherworldly universe of STELLARA now available in private Beta.

Contact us for a consultation and demo.

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Our Ensemble AI platform is the most advanced in the world, allowing us to bring more value to your organization through optimization and automation. Imagine building your own advanced AI to propel your organization forward at lightning speed.

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We built our team around a mission to  manage risk and identify opportunities, attracting a depth of knowledge that is without peer. Frontier Foundry is where these minds meet, and we produce real AI solutions to action opportunities and detect problems quickly.

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Using advanced analytics from multiple AI algorithms, our platform is already identifying risks and creating optimization strategies across multiple sectors and augmenting human experts to create value and strategic advantage.

Here’s how it works


Normalization and initial analytics platform to accept multiple data types. This  is preparing and standardizing various forms of data to ensure compatibility with their analytics platform. The normalization process is essential for handling diverse data types from different sources, making them suitable for analysis.



A sophisticated process where AI technologies are used to analyze and interpret complex datasets. This involves applying machine learning algorithms and advanced analytical techniques to extract meaningful insights. The evaluation part of the process scrutinizes the data to ensure accuracy and relevance, which is critical for effective decision-making and strategic planning in various industries.



Diverse AI models and methodologies are synergized to create a robust, comprehensive AI system. This phase leverages the strengths of various AI technologies, including Large Language Models and Machine Learning, to achieve superior accuracy and effectiveness in solutions.



Crafting detailed summaries and comprehensive reports that emphasize key findings, patterns, and actionable data. Importantly, they provide customized recommendations based on these insights, aiding clients in informed decision-making and strategic planning.



This platform translates the complex data and insights from previous steps into clear, visually engaging formats. It enables clients to easily grasp intricate patterns, trends, and relationships within the data.

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What is Ensemble AI?

Ensemble AI at Frontier Foundry involves integrating multiple AI models, like Large Language Models and Machine Learning, to create robust, comprehensive solutions. This approach enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of AI applications.

How does Frontier Foundry ensure data security?

Frontier Foundry prioritizes data security by implementing advanced security protocols and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Can Frontier Foundry's AI solutions be tailored to specific industries?

Yes, Frontier Foundry specializes in customizing AI solutions to meet the unique challenges and needs of different industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for each client.

What expertise does Frontier Foundry's team have?

Frontier Foundry's team consists of globally renowned domain experts in fields like finance, policy making, and intelligence operations, bringing diverse and specialized knowledge to their AI solutions.

How do Frontier Foundry's solutions enhance decision-making?

Our AI solutions enhance decision-making by providing deep insights from complex data, aiding in risk mitigation, and improving the efficiency and accuracy of business strategies.